Rec & Play

Capture a sound and play it on the keyboard!

The possibilities are endless: your cat or dog, human noises, laughs and whistles, taunts and insults... record any sound and use it to play a tune.

You can even sample real musical instruments. For best quality, connect an external microphone & speakers or use your headset.

Stop using other people's sounds... play your own!

Tech specs:

- high quality sampling (16bit 44.1 kHz);

- 14 voices polyphony;

- 5 octaves range.

With the next release (coming soon) you will be able to save and reload your sounds.

Note: this app records external sounds and as such works only on the iPhone and the iPod Touch 2G; an external microphone or line input is required for the iPod Touch 2G.

Casio SK-1

Remember the old Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard? It's been the inspiration for "Rec & Play"!

Specs weren't that good:

- 9.38 kHz sampling frequency
- 8 bit
- 1.4 seconds of sampling
- holds one sample
- Loses all sequence and sample memory when turned off.

But it was FUN!!!